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Why Did Dr. Kalvin Become A Dentist?

There are so many health professions out there, so for someone with a passion for healthcare it can be challenging to narrow it down to one specialty. Why dentistry? Dr. Kalvin grew up in LA and Orange Counties, and knew he wanted to come back after practicing out of state to work closely with the community near and dear to him. Dentistry affords him to bridge exciting hands-on technology with health care, and to top it all off he gets to spend quality time getting to know his patients everyday.

Netflix…At The Dentist?

Dr. Kalvin and the Kali team care about creating an environment that’s both welcoming and calming. We thought about what might make our experience a little easier if we were apprehensive or anxious about the dentist, which is why we offer amenities like warm blankets, neck pillows, and because who doesn’t want to binge their favorite show on Netflix! We place great importance on high quality dental care and that includes prioritizing your comfort in creative ways!

Why Feature Root Canal Therapy And Extractions?

Lets face it, root canal therapy, extractions and emergency dentistry might not sound too glamorous! Dr. Kalvin’s passion for dentistry lies in the ability to help patients get out of pain. There’s nothing worse than catching yourself from smiling at someone you care about because you don’t feel comfortable; or skipping a favorite food because the chewing is painful. This is why he has invested in dental technology and skills to perform these procedures in a quick and efficient way so he can see his patients smile and enjoy life! 

Now Is The Time, Become A Patient Today!

With our New Patient Special you can experience all that Kali Dental has to offer. Access essential preventive care with a thorough cleaning by one of our hygiene therapists, update your X-rays and receive a thorough exam from Dr. Kalvin. He is happy to answer any questions you have about your smile and oral health as well as guide you towards the most efficient and effective ways to maintain or improve upon your smile. Give us a call today and we’ll get you scheduled!

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